World's Best Dive Sites

To compile the list above we looked at 8 diving magazines and 14 different websites where authors had listed their top dive sites between 2005-7.

Then we did the usual half arsed journalistic trick of letting everyone on the office add their vote.

Scuba Divers are a funny bunch and so you may not agree with this list. In fact you definitely will not agree, but that is not a problem. Whether you think these are the best or not is beside the point. Your fellow divers really rate these sites, so if you haven't tried diving at one of these yet, get out there and give it a go.

For Ras Mohammed in Egypt you can either stay on the peninsula in Sharm El Sheik or on the mainland in Hurghada. Dahab is a little too far north unless you like really long boat trips

Of course another factor beyond the state of the undersea life is the experience above water. You could add Meedhupparu in the Maldives to this list for the all inclusive vacation fun that can be had there.