Best prices for citizen dive watches

Citizen have been making good scuba dive watches for many years now.

The functions available mean that the functions of dive watches and dive computers are coming ever closer, so when purchasing dive watches, ensure you are reading the most up to date information. The citizen website will provide some information, but surprisingly citizen dive watches itself does not have consumer retail site.

Therefore we have found that the the best option is to try a comparison shopping site such as kelkoo where you will see the different prices on offer today.

Remember that if you want after sales service included in your price, then the web may not be the best place for you to buy a citizen dive watch.

Why go for citizen?

Good question. The short answer is you dont have to. I dive with a cheap casio watch most of the time, but citizen is definitely the divers favourite. A quick ad hoc survey at our dive club revealed that 75% of members dive wearing citizen watches.

Citizen Dive Watch comparison

Eco Drive

The eco drive is good down to 200metres and uses the body's own kinetic energy to continually power this lovely looking watch. This is excellent if your dive watch is also the one you wear all the time. If however you only want to wear your citizen dive watch in scuba situations this is not the timepiece for you since it will effectively have a flat battery everytime you get it out of the box.

Diver's Watch

Robust and classicly good looking with all the functionality a diver wants, but without the cachet that goes with some of Citizen's pricier models.

Promaster Diving Watch

Citizen introduced this lovely watch for lady divers who were fed up of the over chunky and understyled dive watches that they had had to put up with in the past. A