Curacao Diving

Curacao is one of the world's best locations for diving.

Curacao is quite a small island just north of the Venezuelan coast that is technically part of the Netherlands.

With its 2 sister islands Aruba and Bonaire, Curacao diving has so much to offer for the diver, whatever their levels of experience.

From shallow sandy dives in crystal waters (great vis almost all year round) to deep wreck exploration, Curacao Diving has it all.

A majority of dives are shore accessible saving on the expense and extra effort involved in boat diving.

Curacao has plenty of secluded beaches where you can spend off-gassing time in utter paradise.

Curacao Diving also means lots of really good quality carribean cookery with a european influence. While you are on the island, don't miss the Fort Nassau Restaurant set in an historic fort with 360-degree panoramic view of entire island. Well worth the effort.

Curacao Diving involes caring for the environment. Spearfishing is now prohibited around Curacao and the seas are teeming with life.