Best dive torches

Ok, so you have been scuba diving a few times now and want to try a night or deep dive. Well without a torch you are going to be a) bored, because you wont be able to see anything; b) lost, because you wont be able to see anything and c) scared witless, because... well you get the picture.

So a scuba torch is a necessity for deep dives and night dives

There are curently three types of torch on the market.

LED Dive Torch
LED stands for light-emitting diode. These lights are comparatively cheap, very long lasting and use very little battery power. The downside is that LEDs simply don't put out much light. Things are improving however and since 2007, the latest dive LED torches with 6 or more bulbs are producing light outputs to satisfy the demands of most leisure divers. Not many LED torches are made for depths below 30m.

HID Dive Torch
High-intensity discharge lights provide much more power than LEDs. These are also exceedingly reliable. There is a considerable increase in cost, but to really cut though the underwater gloom, an HID scuba torch will generally be the chosen option

XENON Dive Torch
Not cheap and usually only used by dive professionals, you can blind a giant squid with one of these beauties. Very expensive and masses of luminance.

However, if you dont look after your torch, you may find yourself in a serious situation, so most divers carry a small backup torch in addition to their main device. Some people try to buy a cheap torch and waterproof it themselves. Do not dive with such people as their equipment choice may be putting both their and your lives in danger.