Diving in Bermuda


It was a picture of Grotto Bay Beach Resort that first opened my mind to the idea of diving in Bermuda. It was an airial shot of a golden beach with private hotel complex set amongst lush palm trees just behind. But it was what was in the water that excited me more. Just 20 yards from shore, the clear outline of a wreck could be seen on the sea bottom.

grotto bay beach resort

Now my wife doesn't like too much mucking about on boats, but a little walk down the beach for an hour of pootling around a wreck while still remaining within five minutes of the poolside bar is pretty much her idea of heaven. I looked into the marketing copy for Grotto Bay and saw it had spa treatments and coctails and open fires and spectacular views and all the sorts of things that makes a wife happy. I'm not sure I even bothered to mention the PADI dive school.

The water in Bermuda is sub-tropical so the sealife is great for nature lovers. Angelfish, parrotfish, wrasse, cowfish, snapper and all the ususal reef regulars can be found. Barracuda are particularly common and they are an awsome sight when schooling. Sea temperatures are said to reach a cosy 86°F in summer which is great if you like diving sans wetsuit.

The wrecks are why most divers come to Bermuda and there are some very well loved wrecks to explore for divers of all ability levels.

Those are just some of the boats to be found in a ring completely circling the island. This is a great point. If the wind is from the east, a trip to the wrecks on the west coast ensures comfy diving in calm water and if the wind is from the west, then the other side of the island will be calm. What more do you need to know before booking a scuba holiday in Bermuda.