A revolution in Dive photography?

liquid image camera

We cannot decide whether the Liquid Image Digital Underwater Camera (pictured above) is horrible or brilliant. Wasn't there a Vogue fashion designer in the 1960s that made Twiggy wear similar headgear for a famous photo shoot?

However, back then they didn't have a 5 megapixel camera mounted into the goggles. So at the risk of looking exceedingly retro, for about £70 a pair you get a hands free camera for both still images and video.

Mask Mounted Digital Underwater Camera

This is a Digital Underwater Camera which you simply cannot drop and will always point in the right direction. The lenses even come with cross hairs to help you frame your underwater shots. Back on shore take out the microSD memory cards or link via USB to download your photos. The Liquid Image Digital Underwater Camera is powered by AAA batteries.

Only waterproof to five metres and just a one size fits all approach mean that The Liquid Image Digital Underwater Camera is currently just a fun toy, great for the pool and seaside. But once you can take something similar to 20 metres, we predict that there are going to be lots more underwater photos knocking around.