Choosing the right scuba and snorkeling mask

First off, to save yourself having to buy endless rounds of expensive drinks as a forfeit, remember, it is called a mask and not "goggles".

scuba diving mask from Cressi

What to look for in a diving mask

More importantly of all is to make sure your scuba mask fits properly. Leaks are a pain and can ruin a good dive. After that you want maximum visibility all round, as low volume of air in the mask as possible while retaining comfort.

oceanic scuba mask

How to Check if a mask fits properly

Place the mask lightly against your face while looking up and without placing the strap around your head. Now breathe in gently through your nose to create a vacuum. Now shake your head around and if the mask fits it will stay put.

What about the snorkel?

Snorkels are plastic tubes with a silicone mouthpiece at the end. Go for the cheapest one you can find. There is no need to spend good money on a funky snorkel.