Underwater cameras have gone digital

Now that high quality digital cameras are so cheap, it was only a matter of time before a manufacturer produced the equivelent of a 10 metre rated cheap and cheerful underwater digital camera.

So thumbs up for the American manufacturer Vivitar for their fantastic new 6200w

Vivitar 6200w Waterproof digital camera

With a 6 Megapixel sensor, fixed focus lens,
a large (2 inch) screen, underwater modes for optimal photographs and rated waterproof to 30 feet, this really is the cheap camera that casual holiday divers and snorkellers have been searching for.

However, there are other great options such as the following...

MPKWBSONY MPKWB.AE Marine Pack For Cybershot

The MPK-WB waterproof case costs around £80 and will enables you to take great underwater shots down to 40 metres with the bestselling Sony Cyber-Shot digital camera (cybershot camera not included). This is a sturdy, well thought out design and is not too heavy or bulky. This is becoming increasingly important as baggage weight limits on aircraft get tighter and tighter.



dc800Sealife DC800 Digital Camera

Sealife are old hands at underwater cameras and generally produce decent apparatus. The DC800 suffers from old school styling, but 10 metres down it isn't a fashion show you are attending and the creatures of the deep don't worry about what brand you are carrying.

With a generous 8 megapixel CCD and a 4x optical zoom (plus digital zoom which should be ignored) the DC800 is expandable with one or two flash units so you can get some very nice shots. The camera has 3 underwater color correction presets which really are a useful feature. There are some funky extras such as Spy Mode where the camera automatically shoots continuous pictures at set time intervals. This would prove useful for recording fishes when there are no divers around. All in all this is setup that is great for both beginners and intermediate underwater photographers.