Best underwater hi definition video systems

Now that high definition underwater video can be yours for the same price as an SLR camera, things have finally got interesting for scuba divers who want to film movies underwater.

First of all, if you are thinking of buying a digital movie camera, do get a high definition (HD) camera. This is the high quality format that is twice as good as current television. The cost of HD video is dropping very quickly and an investment is this format will reward you for many years to come.

Underwater Housings

Next make sure their is an underwater housing actually available for the digital camera you want to buy.

video camera housingThe easiest way to do this is to stick to well known brands. Sony are the current market leaders in high definition digital video cameras and so the companies who make underwater housings all seem to cover this brand.

For instance, the standard Bazooka HD housing can be used with Sony HDW-F900, HDW-700A, HDW-750 and HDW-730 cameras.

The rather ugly but efficient Amphibico Dive Buddy EVO HD Underwater Video Housing is great for for Sony HC5 and Sony HC7 High Definition Camcorders.

All of these allow access to all the camera functionality you will need without letting any water near the camera body.

Weight of HD cameras and housings

HD cameras are quite bulky and so to ensure you can still dive while using them you don't want one that messes with your boyancy.

When fully loaded with camera battery and lens, you should expect your setup to give you about (but no more than) 1 lb of negative buoyancy.

Care of Underwater Video Cameras