Underwater Art

Chris Brown paints underwater images which capture the other-worldly quality of life beneath the sea. Click images to enlarge.

blue hole




My favourite underwater paintings are of coral and fishes, but I have tried a few boats too.

Techniques for underwater paintings

Using computers, oils or acrylics, my scuba diving experiences inspire these underwater paintings which aim to capture the essence of marine life on reefs and in the deep ocean.

Working wet on wet paint gives the 'wobbly' quality that the light has underwater. This is difficult with acrylic paint because it dries so quickly, so I use a retardant to slow the drying process. In the computer it is very easy to achieve the same effect.

I use whatever brushes are to hand at the time. I also use my fingers but have never got to grips with palette knives.

Recently I started using masking fluid again and it works really well with acrylic paint. Use masking fluid to mask off areas of canvas before adding colours and then later rub off the masking fluid to reveal white highlights. I haven't used this on an underwater pic yet.

You may use these underwater images for any non-commercial website free of charge so long as you include a link back to this page and the words "copyright Chris Brown." Contact for commercial use and comissions